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Vinyl 10"
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Format: 10"
Released: Mar 2003
Catalogue Number: BM-11
Tracks for: Queen In My Empire
1. Rhythm & Sound w/ Jennifer Lara : 01
2. Rhythm & Sound w/ Jennifer Lara : 02

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rhythm & sound w/ jennifer lara - Queen In My Empire

BACK IN STOCK. Our all-time favourite Basic Channel production under their 'Rhythm and Sound' guise has been the remarkable 'King In My Empire' that featured the sweet vocals of Cornell Campbell. Mark and Mauritz have done the right thing kids, re-igniting their best work, flipping it upside down, delivering a more 'Up' steppin' riddim and enlisting the female vocal talent of Jennifer Lara for yet another untouchable dive into the deepest kind of deep. Jennifer Lara released her debut album for Coxsone Dodd's Studio One label in 1974. 'Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara' was an instant success, along with a massive hit single with 'Where have all the good men gone?'. Also several notable contributions as duet or backing singer, with Freddie McGregor on 'I Am Ready', and in the eighties with Prince Far-I, Henry Junjo Lawes and Tristan Palmer. In the nineties she worked for King Jammy, on 'I wanna sex you up' with Thriller U [!!], 'You Turn me on' with Bounty Killer {mmm there's a pattern emerging] and 'Stop' with Major Mackerel. We can't tell you how good this is, you know what to do next! Awesome.