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Stars Of The Lid

Avec Laudenum

Label: Kranky
Format: LP
Released: Nov 2004
Catalogue Number: KRANK059LP
Tracks for: Avec Laudenum
1. STARS OF THE LID : The Atomium Part 2
2. STARS OF THE LID : I Will Surround You
3. STARS OF THE LID : The Atomium Part 3

Boomkat product review for:

stars of the lid - Avec Laudenum

Limited vinyl edition - back in stock. Orginially released on Sub Rosa in 2000, in between the band's 'Per Aspera Ad Astra' and 'The Tired Sounds of...' albums, this classic Stars of the Lid release has been out of print for years. Now available again courtesy of kranky (coinciding nicely with the release of Stars of the Lid member Adam Wiltzie's sublime debut album under The 'Dead Texan' moniker and the release of Kranky's excellent second label compilation), "Avec Laudenum' is another mesmerising document of this indispensable band's low-level prowess. Minimal yet full to bursting with melodic undertones, "Avec Laudenum" is an album that's widely regarded as possibly the band's most accessible work, amazing music that requires your immediate attention. Highly recommended.