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Vinyl 12"
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Stucco Swim

Label: Diskotopia
Format: 12"
Released: May 2013
Catalogue Number: DSK015
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Tracks for: Stucco Swim
1. Serifu : 01
2. Serifu : 02
3. Serifu : 03

Boomkat product review for:

serifu - Stucco Swim

Diskotopia play a skewed ace with Serifu's terrifically discombobulated debut EP. We're faced with three tracks of proper riddimic f**kery stepping off from current styles into a boldly scrambled yet instinctively funked-up unknown. The first dose is 'Stucco Swim' where a quaking kick and tinny rimshot ricochet amidst mangled ragga voices and fractal electronics perhaps best imagined as Patten meets Actress with a handful of Dutch designer pharms. 'Said Situation' strikes is equally confident to breach the rules with itchy, impudent shuffles strafed by shards of bonky electro synth and frayed 'tronics in manic form. And B-side 'School Slide' is no more stable, teetering awkward bursts of vocal and zig-zagging arpeggios on sticky, dislocated techno kicks. It should come as little wonder the likes of Visionist, Alex Nut and Ralph LTF have pledged their support. Tipped!