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Savannah EP
Mr. Beatnick
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Mr. Beatnick

Savannah EP

Format: 12"
Released: Apr 2013
Catalogue Number: DBA011
Tracks for: Savannah EP
1. Mr. Beatnick : 01
2. Mr. Beatnick : 02
3. Mr. Beatnick : 03

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mr. beatnick - Savannah EP

Mr Beatnick's back in business with a third EP on Semtek's Don't Be Afraid label, his first since last year's ace Sun Goddess and arguably his best yet. The first half of the 12" comes over like Metro Area made over for London 2013: dubwise, richly melodic disco-boogie retro-futurism, and balm for tired ears. 'Savannah' in particular sounds breezy as anything, but - as with everything on this record - look under the hood and you'll find a surprisingly complex mechanism driving it. 'Symbiosis' is real class, wrought out of heartsore live string sounds, acutely funked-up synth lines and a chugging 4/4 with an understated Chicago jack-factor. Flip the record and the script is flipped too: the breakbeat-propelled 'Parallax Scroll' is a masterfully arranged and processed track that touches on summery jungle, sultry deep house and pitched-down, razor-edged techno, and is ultimately a spotless, kink-free hybrid of the three - Beatnick's deft rhythmic switch-ups and shimmies are really a joy to behold. 'Blue Dream' keeps it sideways but returns to the synthed-out city vistas of the A-side cuts, this time with extra bass reinforcement and a scuffed psychedelic edge.