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Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol.2

Genre: WORLD
Format: LP
Released: Jan 2013
Catalogue Number: ss-012
Tracks for: Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol.2
1. VARIOUS : 01
2. VARIOUS : 02
3. VARIOUS : 03

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various - Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol.2

*Second volume of incredible recordings transferred via bluetooth from the mobile phones of residents in the Sahel region, Africa* Another glorious dispatch from the dusty cellphone hard-drives of the Sahel; ten songs traded among populations of a region stretching between Mauritania and Sudan along the verdant edge of the Sahara. As with the West, cellphones there are increasingly used more for their storage and portable speaker functions than tools of communication, perhaps even more so due to prohibitive costs and network inaccessibility. While living in one of Northern Mali's trans-saharan capitals in 2009-2010, Christopher Kirkley set about collecting stacks of tunes which were widely circulated between local phones, resulting in this 2nd volume of songs which may well be outdated to them by now but which form a fascinating temporal document for outsiders. A star of the 1st volume Mdou Moctar opens this volume with signature autotune, bump beat and steel strings on 'Anar', and you'll also find a cute version of 1st African reggae song, Alpha Blondy's 'Brigadier Sabari', plus hip hop from Niger's Lakal Kaney, DJ Mopao's bouncing Coupé Décalé and our highlights; the steppin' trance and R&B delivery of Iba One's 'All (Remix)' or a then-ten year old Cheba Wassila's Moroccan Raï hit 'Hwa Heda'. Another priceless selection of oddities from this intriguing imprint.