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Vinyl 12"
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Format: 12"
Released: Nov 2012
Catalogue Number: BNR88
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Tracks for: Liquid
1. BOODY & LE1F : 01
2. BOODY & LE1F : 02
3. BOODY & LE1F : 03

Boomkat product review for:

boody & le1f - Liquid

Somethign a bit more wayward from the Boys Noize camp, courtesy of NYC's Boody & Le1f. There's a submerged theme to the whole thing, from the track titles to the grooves, which really pushes our buttons and feels scarily prescient in light of recent events. 'Born Underwater' and 'Jellyfish' sound like Zomby meets Ayshay and 'Glass Domain'-era Gerald Donald, all hydraulicked rhythmic churn and sploshing synth sound while 'Buoy' dries out with a clanking techno bass sound and 'Soda' really impresses with DJ Stingray-gone-Ballroom trap vibes. The carved funky drums and oozing bass of 'Sweet Tea' is possibly their most direct DJ tool, and also comes in choppy edit form by Cedaa, next to MikeQ & Divoli S'vere Daughter's pumped-up Ha remix for the c*nty cats.