Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On & On (Limited Vinyl Edition) image
Vinyl 4LP
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Brock Van Wey

White Clouds Drift On & On (Limited Vinyl Edition)

Label: Echospace
Format: 4LP
Released: Jan 2013
Catalogue Number: ECHOSPACEAIRLP1
Tracks for: White Clouds Drift On & On (Limited Vinyl Edition)
1. Brock Van Wey : 01
2. Brock Van Wey : 02
3. Brock Van Wey : 03

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brock van wey - White Clouds Drift On & On (Limited Vinyl Edition)

*Limited edition 4LP gatefold, printed on reverse board. Mixed clear & white vinyl* Ahhh yes, the one so many of you have been waiting for. Brock Van Wey's productions have been gently lapping at the edge of the dub techno consciousness for the last couple of years with cherished releases on a host of premier outlets, including his own wonderful Quietus imprint. His dancefloor productions have appealed to heady listeners as much as the dancers, but it's those lush ambient compositions for Shoreless and Echospace that have set him apart from the rest of the crowd. Steve Hitchell found a soulmate in Brock's mindwashing style and paired his album of cloud-drift tones with a remix set of his own, adding extra instrumentation and rhythmic elements on a further disc of Intrusion remixes for this echospace release. Van Wey's disc of original tracks is designed for strictly horizontal listening, covering acres of ambient space with sighing strings, layered guitars and cotton coated synth pads in thrall to classic ambient electronica from the likes of Eno, Hans-Joakim Roedelius or Gas but with a forlorn spirit of its own making. Simplicity and subtlety are key here and Van Wey isĀ  master of both disciplines. Hitchell's efforts on the second disc remain faithful to Van Wey's vision, conjuring deeply hypnotic soundscapes with broad brushstrokes of ambience and reclined atmospherics, with the notable difference of pulsing waves of tidal bass and organic tape delay probing further into the ether.