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Norbert Möslang
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Norbert Möslang


Format: LP
Released: Dec 2012
Catalogue Number: SOMA008
Tracks for: indoor_outdoor
1. Norbert Möslang : 01
2. Norbert Möslang : 02
3. Norbert Möslang : 03

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norbert möslang - indoor_outdoor

Stephen O'Malley's noble commitment to shining light on underappreciated composers and rabble-rousers from the contemporary avant-garde brings us to this ferocious LP from Norbert Moslang, veteran purveyor of what he calls "Everyday Cracked-Electronics". He was a member of the respected duo Voice Crack, who Balthazar Lovay's release notes position in a broad lineage of Swiss radicals that also includes Celtic Frost, Christian Marclay, Yello, Gunter Muller and the Young Gods, and whose harsh noise experiments of the 90s slot neatly alongside those of Whitehouse, Haters, Incapacitants, Merzbow, Hijokaiden, Throbbing Gristle, NON and The New Blockaders. Like many of those artists, Mosland has deepened and extended his artistic practice as time has gone on, while staying true to its foundational extremity. His work now encompasses not only his lo-fi Everyday Cracked-Electronics but also saturation/overdrive work, performance and improvisation, field recordings and multi-layered ambient composition. Its guiding purpose? To "[prove] to our entire nervous system that the world we habit is no more than infinite continuum". This Ideologic Organ side, entitled 'indoor_outdoor', is but a snapshot of where this intriguing artist is at, but what an exhilarating one it is: the first piece consists of field recordings made of water from a harbour near Moslang's house, then processed in the studio to generate a noise assault which, like all the best noise assaults, seems to become more meditative as it grows more violent. The second piece is a brutal but salutary live improvisation recorded with Toshimaru Nakamura at Manif d'art in Quebec earlier this year.