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Vinyl 12"
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S Type

Billboard EP

Format: 12"
Released: Oct 2012
Catalogue Number: LM013
Tracks for: Billboard EP
1. S-TYPE : 01
2. S-TYPE : 02
3. S-TYPE : 03

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s-type - Billboard EP

Ballin' outta Glasgow, S-Type rocks up a cracking debut EP of taut, lurid hip hop instros on LuckyMe. Known as Bobby Perman to his mates, S-Type has been a part of the catalytic Scottish hip hop scene for the best part of a decade, sharing demos with peers Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, while honing a potent, colourful sound of his own. Apparently the American R&B and hip hop execs are already knocking on his door, and it's no wonder when you've heard the beats on his 'Billboard EP'. From the top it's a powerful display of aptitude, bursting in with the polychromatic fireworks of 'Billboard' and the knock-out MPC hits of 'Flyp City', while 'Sensi Star' fires ultrafunked arpeggios and tender piano keys from the hip. He's at his most brash on 'Walrus' with its wailing talkbox and ecstatic harmonics, but our favourite has to be the low-riding 808 bomb 'Whole Lotta' or the Araabmuzik-meets-James Ferraro-style ebullience of 'You Da Best'.