Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer image
Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer image Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer image
Vinyl 2LP + CD
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Format: 2LP + CD
Released: Aug 2012
Catalogue Number: RS1208LP
Tracks for: Tracer
1. Teengirl Fantasy : 01
2. Teengirl Fantasy : 02
3. Teengirl Fantasy : 03

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teengirl fantasy - Tracer

**Includes free CD copy of the album inside** Sterling sophomore album from Teengirl Fantasy, confidently shaking off the chillwave tag with a lush, proto-techno-pop-inspired suite for the legendary R&S label. While the haze of their much loved '7AM' album still glows softly in the background, their tastes have evidently matured and diverged on 'Tracer', seeking out more kinetic, body-sensitive strains of house and techno with a wide-eyed new age wonder. They've got some help from talented guests this time, too. Laurel Halo floats free in the sino-synth dream sequence of 'Mist Of Time' and Panda Bear soars over the concatenated dip and chrome swirl of 'Pyjama', while Romanthony is reserved for the suitably epic, hands-in-the-air moments of 'Do It', and Kelela belts out some R&B power moves on the jagged Linn drum funk of 'EFX'. Together with the filigree nuances of mandy (way better than molly) rush tingles on opener 'Orbit', the mid-trip house melancholy of 'Vector Spray' and the plush pan pipe fantasy 'Inca', by all rights 'Tracer' should be bigger than its predecessor. Fans of Hyetal, Orbital, Actress, Laurel Halo need to check it.