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Vinyl 2LP
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El Doom & The Born Electric

El Doom & The Born Electric

Format: 2LP
Released: Mar 2012
Catalogue Number: RLP3122
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Tracks for: El Doom & The Born Electric
1. El Doom & The Born Electric : 01
2. El Doom & The Born Electric : 02
3. El Doom & The Born Electric : 03

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el doom & the born electric - El Doom & The Born Electric

**Includes MP3 download voucher redeemable from the label** **Axe wielding heavy rock out featuring members of Supersilent and Elephant9** "Superb debut from "young veterans" of the Norwegian heavy and progressive scenes, fronted by singer, guitarist, writer and producer Ole Petter Andreassen. This is classic, heavy, guitar driven and melodic progressive rock in the region of Deep Purple, Rush, Opeth and Mastodon. The playing and production is top notch with a perfect mix of solid riffs, intricate instrumental passages and great hooks. The core of the band, apart from Andreassen, is Hedvig Mollestad on guitar and Hammond organ and brothers Brynjar and Haavard Takle Ohr from El Cuero on lead guitar and drums respectively. Guests are Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen from Elephant9 on bass, Ståle Storløkken from Elephant9 on Hammond, Mikael Lindquist on Hammond and Mellotron and veteran Jon Eberson on guitar."