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The Best Of Jef Gilson
Jef Gilson
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Jef Gilson

The Best Of Jef Gilson

Label: Jazzman
Format: 2LP
Released: Jul 2011
Catalogue Number: JMANLP042
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Tracks for: The Best Of Jef Gilson
1. Jef Gilson : 01
2. Jef Gilson : 02
3. Jef Gilson : 03

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jef gilson - The Best Of Jef Gilson

Jazzman dig deeper than most, and come up trumps with this exceptional suite by a criminally unknown French composer. Jef Gilson's career spanned the best part of a century, performing with European and American jazz greats, composing innumerable scores for film, albums and 45s, besides running the Palm Jazz record label, but you'd struggle to even find a wikipedia entry with his name. This 19 tracks selection travels across decades of his catalogue uncovering the modal masterpiece 'Modalite Pour Mimi', plus the extraordinary incorporations of cathedral choirs in 'Chakan' and 'Agnus Dei', through to a field recording of a performance of Lloyd Miller's percussive 'Inca Chant' captured in Madagascar, and finishing on a lavish eleven minute cover of Pharoah Sanders' cult classic 'The Creator Has A Masterplan'.