Z'EV - Eyear image
Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image Z'EV - Eyear image
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Format: DVD
Released: Oct 2012
Catalogue Number: VON011
Tracks for: Eyear
1. Z'EV : 01
2. Z'EV : 02
3. Z'EV : 03

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z'ev - Eyear

**Edition of 500** Hypnotic audio-visual "Primitive Industrial Psychedelia" from pioneering sound artist and percussionist Z'EV for the excellent Von Archive from Italy. 'EyEar' is both a greeting in North Manchester, and part of a series of live events using percussion and rhythm to alter visual pattern waves. This is the first time it's manifested a physical product; a 1hr 20min documentation of the chaotic, dynamic patterns occurring in a liquid affected by Z'EV's rhythms and drones. He's far from the first person to investigate the modal/wave geometries emerging from vibrating surfaces - as he states in the liner notes, Galileo Galilei was at it back in 1632, Ernst Chladni in 1787, and later Hans Jenny in 1958 - but, this is probably one of the first on DVD, and particularly mesmerising it is, too. In the first half, a hellish roil of hi-end fluctuation and complex mesh of gusty tones manifests something like TV snow mixed with the strobing effect of Brion Gysin's dream machine; the 2nd half is more percussive, creating resonant, metallic overtones through rippling rhythms which reveal a moire of iridescent glimmers and undulating rhythmic geometries. We'd recommend warming up the projector and putting those shrooms you just picked to good use.