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Jj Doom

Key To The Kuffs (Butter Version / Deluxe Edition)

Format: 2CD
Released: Aug 2013
Catalogue Number: LEX082CDX
Tracks for: Key To The Kuffs (Butter Version / Deluxe Edition)
1. JJ DOOM : 01
2. JJ DOOM : 02
3. JJ DOOM : 03

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jj doom - Key To The Kuffs (Butter Version / Deluxe Edition)

**New deluxe double CD edition comes with a bonus CD EP feat versions by Thom Yorke, Clams Casino, Beck etc** WTF? Doom was born in London?! Well, that's part of the premise behind 'Keys To The Kuffs', his highly anticipated hookup with celebrated and psychedelically talented beatmaker, Jneiro Jarel. It's news to us, but apparently Daniel Dumile Thompson holds a British passport and has been exiled here for the last 3 years after leaving the US to perform shows out here. It's a bit like gossip but it's actually true, and this album is stuffed with references to blighty, from the (blink-and-miss) guest appearances by Beth Gibbons and Damon Albarn to track titles such as 'Guv'nor' and 'Rhyming Slang', and even nods to "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". Fo' real. Sorry: swear down mate. Most fortunately though, it sounds nothing like UK Hip Hop; JJ's beats are bob on, sounding fresher than anything from Doom or his Madlib collabs, and cut as coarse but fluidly diffuse as Doom's rhymes. Highlights have to be the motorik, double timed revolutions of 'Banished', the fat-assed electro banger 'Bite The Thong' or 808 club joint 'Wash Your Hands', but you're all gonna have your own percies. Recommended.