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Blade Runner Trilogy (25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Label: Universal
Format: 3CD
Released: Dec 2007
Catalogue Number: 5305147
Tracks for: Blade Runner Trilogy (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
1. VANGELIS : 01
2. VANGELIS : 02
3. VANGELIS : 03

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vangelis - Blade Runner Trilogy (25th Anniversary Special Edition)

**Special Three Disc Edition featuring Unreleased & Bonus Material** One of the best-loved soundtracks in the electronic music canon, the Blade Runner score is up there with the key works of John Carpenter in terms of its range of influence, and thanks to serial fiddler Ridley Scott and his incessant re-cutting tendencies, we now get to experience it all over again in an immense triple-disc edition released to coincide with the five-disc Blade Runner DVD odyssey that's currently doing the rounds. The first disc features the score as was released on 1994's edition, while the second represents hitherto unreleased pieces and bonus material that appeared in the film but not on the original soundtrack release. The third disc is a special 25th anniversary revisitation of Vangelis' work on the film, comprised of new compositions based on the film. While the gratuitous sax scenes of the original soundtrack might have been a sign of the times, there's a certain garish quality to its usage on the new disc, but that said, it's still very much in-keeping with Vangelis' oeuvre, so no doubt fans will still lap it up, but it feels like an extra feature to the much-lauded material spread across those first two discs. The foreword by the film's director, and knight of the realm, Sir Ridley Scott heaps praise on Vangelis' work, putting him right up there alongside contemporaries like Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer in the ranks of great modern film composers, but you'd also have to throw in some props for the amount of widespread public interest stirred up in electronic music in general, as a result of these compositions.