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Blissed Out Fatalists

Blissed Out Fatalists

Format: CD
Released: Dec 2012
Catalogue Number: BD001CD
Tracks for: Blissed Out Fatalists
1. Blissed Out Fatalists : 01
2. Blissed Out Fatalists : 02
3. Blissed Out Fatalists : 03

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blissed out fatalists - Blissed Out Fatalists

**Inaugural release by Captured Tracks' Body Double sub-label: killer, classic noise-pop posturing from LA circa 1987; freshly remastered with new art and notes from original members Nic Greene and Jeff Poe** Captured Tracks' Body Double label roots around in the nose of 1987 LA and come out with a right snotty, noisy, peach penned by the wickedly named Blissed Out Fatalists. We'd have to compare it with everything from New Zealand noise bits a la Gate, through to Spacemen 3, Mary and Jesus Chain, alla that stuff, but essentially there's a bit of scuzzy glam and lusty, drugged-up swagger running through these cuts that points to LA. They're pop songs - the vocals are mixed well enough to be distinguished and they're dripping with awesome guitar hooks, all locked on a cocksure beat - but at once there's something "deranged", as the label sweetly put it, that's punk at heart, especially on The Fall-esque 'Fatalator'; definitely in the tape-mangling cut-ups, jagged riffage and hoarse holler of 'Right Out'; or the solo piano to grungy lurch of 'Last Song'. Top find. Well recommended!