Guy Gerber - fabric 64: Guy Gerber image
Guy Gerber - fabric 64: Guy Gerber image Guy Gerber - fabric 64: Guy Gerber image
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Guy Gerber

fabric 64: Guy Gerber

Format: CD
Released: Jun 2012
Catalogue Number: FABRIC127
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Tracks for: fabric 64: Guy Gerber
1. Guy Gerber : 02
2. Guy Gerber : 03

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guy gerber - fabric 64: Guy Gerber

"Guy Gerber takes a different approach to the latest edition of the fabric series, producing sixteen new tracks to carefully craft his own story. Following albums on Cocoon and Bedrock, his own productions have become less frequent with his growing tour schedule. Therefore this collection of new material has been freshly made over the past two months exclusively for fabric. The project features collaborations with artists that share Gerber's poignant spirit, such as Deniz Kurtel and Clarian North from Footprintz. The mix is driving and emotive: ethereal vocals and subtle builds climb higher than Gerber has gone before, soul searching in rolling melodies and echoing drums."