Becoming Real - Solar Dreams/Neon Decay image
Becoming Real - Solar Dreams/Neon Decay image Becoming Real - Solar Dreams/Neon Decay image
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Becoming Real

Solar Dreams/Neon Decay

Label: Not Even
Format: CD
Released: May 2012
Catalogue Number: NTEVN006
Tracks for: Solar Dreams/Neon Decay
1. Becoming Real : 01
2. Becoming Real : 02

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becoming real - Solar Dreams/Neon Decay

Impressively diverse 7-track EP from Becoming Real that really takes his sound forward, towards a kind of synthetic psychedelia and techno-pop only tangentially connected to garage and dubstep. 'Zoning' is a total headfuck - it begins like a hollowed-out grime instrumental only to flower into a pixellated cathedral of abstract 16-bit dazzle that even Rustie or Wax Stag would struggle to find their way out of. 'Real's Slow Memory' is a bass-reinforced pop gem driven by the sweet vocals of Alice (Sunless '97) . 'Anthropology' is an investigation of more minimal sounds, its haunting mid-paced pulsations containing more than an undercurrent of deep melancholy and 'Equinox' is an out-and-out post-hip-hop banger inna LuckyMe style; Lady Chann steps into lend some proper rudeness to the otherwise bright 'n breezy UKF-meets-bashment anthem 'Work Me'. 'Lady Lazarus' sounds a bit like Carl Craig if he'd grown up playing N64 and 'Snow Drift Love' is a slinky house stepper more in line with Becoming Real product of yore.