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Format: CD
Released: Jan 2008
Catalogue Number: TOE-CD-808
Tracks for: Nightly
1. ATELEIA : 01
2. ATELEIA : 02
3. ATELEIA : 03

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ateleia - Nightly

Back in stock! Ateleia's debut album 'Formal Sleep' was one of those albums which totally surprised us on its release, not necessarily because it sounded totally unlike anything we had heard before, but because we weren't expecting it. From the piles of music we accumulate each week, 'Formal Sleep' stuck out as a perfect example of how electronic music could be taken forward, and 'Nightly' comes as a timely and hugely satisfying follow up. The project of Brooklyn-based musician James Elliott, Ateleia is an outlet for his electronic experiments and 'Nightly' is a productive step forward, making progress in not only his own sound but the ailing electronica genre itself. It feels like every week I end up writing a long diatribe lamenting the death of electronica, but occasionally an album pops up that manages to be purely electronic and just as exciting as the genre once promised, 'Nightly' thankfully is one of those albums. Taking clear influence from the same spooky film soundtracks as Deaf Center, but giving it a science fiction twist, Elliott makes his future soundscapes sound absolutely effortless yet totally affecting in every way. With clipped, decomposed beats and elastic basslines, he layers over gaseous drones Machinefabriek would be jealous of and weaves his tracks together with the skill of old masters Autechre of SND but with an organic quality that is all his own. Ending on the submerged Deathprod-meets-Gas title track, "Nightly"is an album for electronic music connoisseurs everywhere and comes with a big recommendation.

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