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Format: CD
Released: Aug 2009
Catalogue Number: LP028
Tracks for: Brittle
1. CELER : 01
2. CELER : 02

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celer - Brittle

**Over one hour of continuous music** This otherworldly album from Celer marks the summit of the duo's creative achievements, taking the form of a single piece occupying a duration of just under seventy-five minutes. It's a studiously subtle and superficially unassuming body of work, but spending any time in the company of this music will have you rapt under its spell. As a starting point, recordings of piano, violin, cello, bells, harpsichord and whistles were made, eventually being merged with some naturally occurring sounds captured by a room recording. The compositional process continued with these various auditory fragments being structured into nineteen different tracks, all of which were then melted into the single, monolithic whole residing on this disc. It's hard to describe the kind of sounds Celer have conjured for this; on the one hand, Brittle is elusive and reticent, yet it somehow transcends all the quietness and mystery, conveying the sense that this is a living, continually evolving stream of sounds; its serene, unruptured aesthetic comparable to the surface of a mirror, as if reflecting those background noises of everyday life back at you in a transformed state. Tragically, this album is the last by husband and wife duo Danielle Basquet-Long and Will Long, as Danielle passed away last month at the age of 26, having suffered heart failure. Such profoundly sad circumstances inevitably tint the album with an elegiac air, and without question the eerie, ethereal beauty of this music will surely serve as an enduring legacy for Danielle and her work in Celer. Highly recommended.