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Panda Bear

Young Prayer

Format: CD
Released: Sep 2004
Catalogue Number: PAW002CD
Tracks for: Young Prayer
1. PANDA BEAR : 01
2. PANDA BEAR : 02
3. PANDA BEAR : 03

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panda bear - Young Prayer

Back in stock. Massively hyped debut solo-effort from longtime member of the Animal collective - Panda Bear. In the midst of 2002, with much of his attention focused on his work with the brooklyn-based animal collective, panda bear stepped aside to a more intimate space to reflect upon the death of his father. The resulting young prayer, often coming much closer to classical composition than to the noise/pop experimentations of the Animal Collective, is a collection of beautifully personal and introspective songs. Young Prayer, recorded in panda bear's childhood home by animal collective member deakin and further produced by the mysterious animal collective brothers known as come winter, guarantees a listening experience as interesting as any animal collective release thus far. A truly soulful album, young prayer is both sonically gorgeous and spiritually uplifting. Recommended.