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Format: CD
Released: Jun 2008
Catalogue Number: SAHKO023
Tracks for: Oleva
1. Ø (MIKA VAINIO) : 01
2. Ø (MIKA VAINIO) : 02
3. Ø (MIKA VAINIO) : 03

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Ø (mika vainio) - Oleva

back in stock... I still don't know how to pronounce Mika Vainio's pseudonym of choice for this project, but under the Ø moniker he has proffered some of the finest electronic music known to mankind since way back in 1993 with the template setting series of 12"s for his native Sahko imprint. Now we're in 2008 and the man can't help but shock us to the core again with an album of pristine darkside industrial Electronic purism deeply engraved with signature drones and enveloping atmospheres that still sound quite unlike anything else on the planet. Over the course of 12 tracks Ø cross-hatches between shades of the original Pan Sonic heavy industrial sound, with the more delicate tones of his explorative ambience heard on the fabulous 'Kantamoinen' album, in classic Vainio style, marrying the two and birthing a perfect balance of Teutonic techno darkness and seasoned Finnish solitude from his base in Berlin. Our favourite tracks here would have to be the stern Kraftwerkian electro melodies of 'U-Bahn' or maybe the irreplaceable electro acoustic atmospheres of 'Koituva' but then there's the final run of three pitch black ambient mind melters that will leave you in an shivering mess. Basically it's just way too much to pick from, come back to me in a years time and i may have a few tried and tested faves. Fans of everything from Aphex's most out-there moments on Drukqs to Deathprod's stranded sonic isolations will be in their element with this album, we can't recommend it enough. Get properly darked - an incredible album from Sahko once again.